Dialect T-shirts, Regional sayings and phrases from around the uk on t-shirts!

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about dialect t-shirts:

The simple aim of Dialect t-shirts is to archive as many regional sayings from around the Uk... so get submitting any sayings, slang or phrases that you can think of! Just use the form on the right! Or got to the contact page.

Dialect t-shirts is a site intended to celebrate all the accents and languages of the united kingdom. This site can be seen on two levels, many people will visit and have a simple fun experience finding their favourite slogan! On the other hand this site will provide a platform for many many online users to interact with and learn from it. User are able to submit regional sayings, helping us to build a database of sayings old and new from all over the uk. Which phrases are the most popular will also create a great insight into the regional dialects that are still used and valued throughout the United Kingdom. We want all the phrases, slogan's, sayings and slang we can get our mittens on! So wherever you are from submit a saying now using the contact form t the right!

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* Whats your region/city?
Whats your message/saying: